Wavemaster XXL

If space and room is not an issue for you and your planning on a hard hitting work out then you need the Wavemaster XXL. The Wavemaster XXL has high density foam wrapped in a durable vinyl surface that allows continual hard hitting use again and again. With an easily filled and closer to the ground base the Wavemaster XXL allows for workouts that involve striking with the hands and feet. The weight and distribution of the Wavemaster XXL punching bag is about the same as the normal Wavemaster Punching Bag with.

In comparison with your other workout equipment in your home gym that not only takes a big chunk out of your home gym space, and an evenWavemaster XXL bigger chunk out of your wallet; the Wavemater XXL punching bags are practical and affordable. Wavemaster XXL punching bags go for around $200 – $300.

I know at first glance a $200.00 punching bag sounds expensive but keep in mind most weight sets can cost into thousands and take up lots of room – and I dont know of any weight sets that are going to build hard hitting power punches and incredible cardio ability like a Wavemaster XXL punching bag.

If you’re not quite sure yet if a Wavemaster punching bag is for – convenience is the key. There are not many pieces of workout equipment out there that are nearly as convenient as a Wavemaster punching bag – further more the Wavemaster is more convenient than most normal punching bags. At this point I can see you asking me – How is the Wave master punching bag more convenient than any other workout equipment and most punching bags?

The Wavemaster has super easy assembly that takes only minutes to put togather. Most pieces of workout equipment are stationary and where you put them is where they stay – but not the Wavemaster after assmbly when your not using it you can easliy roll it any where you want it. The most conveinent part of the Wavemaster is that it is freestanding – you just simply fill the base of the wavemaster and it is ready to go – unlike most punching bags that require you to hang it from the ceiling which means some small costruction on your house and limits where you will be able to put the punching bag.