Wavemaster Training

When it comes to getting a good amount of cardio, muscle building, and toning all in one work out. Many have started using a punching bag or Wavemaster punching bag. Many people have been using kick boxing as a good work out and not just for actual fighting or boxing for over thirty years. Many of them working out from their local health club or home and never setting foot into a ring. But have experienced muscle gain, fat loss, increased endurance, and cardio health.

There are several if not hundreds of different ways you can use a Wavemaster to workout. These workouts can focus more on building muscle, building more powerful striking ability, cardio, toning, or endurance or a balanced combination of them all depending on how or what you do during your workouts. There are to many different workouts to go over them all but here I will try to name a few that seem to be more popular.

Before beginning a Wavemaster workout or any workout it is good to see your doctor first to make sure it is safe for you to begin a workout regiment. Also remember to stretch and warm up before any Wavemaster training routine. A good warm up consists of about five minutes of light cardio. For instance you can do jumping jack, push ups, crunches, jumping rope, skipping, and shadow boxing are just to name a few things you can do to get a good warm up. During your warm up you should begin to break a light sweat and get your heart rate up but be careful not to over due it. You could off balance you workout. If you begin to sweat a lot or start breathing heavy cut reduce the intensity and time of your warm up.

Wavemaster Training Tips

Here are some Wavemaster training workouts that you can do by yourself. To do them you will need a Wavemaster, boxing gloves, or bag gloves, and something to keep time with.

I call this first one panic punching it is very simple and easy to do. It focus mostly on endurance and cardio health. I would not suggest this for first timers. First address the bag standing slightly less than arms stance away where you would be just making minimal impact on the bag. Here I like to square up on the bag – that is with your feet side by side and shoulder with apart (for actually fighting purposes this is not a good stance but is O.K. for this workout). Now set your timer anywhere from thirty seconds to three minutes. For the whole duration of time you will throw jabs at the bag. Make sure to breath and not hold your breath while doing this workout.

Next you can try a workout that I like to call the ladder. It is simply and easy to do. Address the bag in your normal fighting stance. Then choose a combo or single strike and you will repeat it in increasing repetitions. For example using the single jab. First you would throw one jab, two jabs, three jabs, all the way to ten jabs. Try this workout with round kicks.

Lastly the three on three workout is well rounded. Choose a combo or technique along with a calisthenics like push ups or burpees. Then you will set your timer to about three minutes or desired time. When the time starts do the combo three times then do the callisthenic three times repeat this process the three minutes is up. Try doing ten rounds using different combos and calisthenics.